Sweaty Saturday

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Sweaty Saturday Studio Offerings

Join us at Sweatfest: Saturday March 21, 1:30pm @ Dream Hotel Chelsea (355 West 16th St.)

((305)) Fitness

Sweaty Saturday Schedule
8:00 am Special $20 Sweaty Saturday classes, with giveaways from Propel. All proceeds to support Sweaty Saturday + PHA. Book here

Barry’s Bootcamp

Sweaty Saturday Schedule
4:30 pm Sweaty Saturday Full Body at Barry's Bootcamp Noho Book here


www.cityrow.com Participants in the 2pm Sweaty Saturday class will have the opportunity to win one Monthly Unlimited Membership!!! (Value: $313.58) ALL DAY! Those who post a photo on social anytime throughout the day at CityRow hashtagging #sweatysaturday will receive a free class!
Sweaty Saturday Schedule
2:00 pm Sweaty Saturday CITYROW, $40 - all proceeds will benefit Sweaty Saturday / PHA Book here


Sweaty Saturday Schedule
11:30 am Sweaty Saturday Cyc Book here


Sweaty Saturday Schedule
5 pm Sweaty Saturday Core Fusion Barre at Exhale Upper East Side; class is $40 with proceeds going to Sweaty Saturday / PHA Book here

Mile High Run Club

Sweaty Saturday Schedule
2:15 pm - DISTANCE class:  60 minutes of continuous intervals, tempo and hills on the treadmill.  We will have prizes and giveaway items for class participants! Book here

Punch Fitness

www.punchfitnesscenter.com Founder of the toughest workout in NYC, Adelino Da Costa will be taking on three classes of pleasantly intense workouts he calls:  ìKUMA.   One-hour will be dedicated to fixing all the corners of the body you're unhappy with.  A full-body workout that will fix the situation!
Sweaty Saturday Schedule
8:30 am, 10:00 am, and 11:30 am (Special $25 rate per class) Book here


www.sltnyc.com SLT is offering special Interval-style Classes (they are never on the schedule, other than this!) Class Description: This amped up, cardio twist on a traditional Megaformer class will get you super sweaty and confuse your muscles (in a good way). Instead of the usual one minute plus we typically do each move, moves will be done for shorter 30-second bursts, paired with other moves that work the same muscle group and then repeated in the same block. Transitions are quick and so is your heart beat during this class.
Sweaty Saturday Schedule
10:30 am Sweaty Saturday Interval Class - midtown and soho locations 11:30 am Sweaty Saturday Interval Class - UES and Flatiron locations Book here


Sweaty Saturday Schedule
12:30 pm Theme class "Skyler Guetta in da Flo" - David Guetta vs FloRida (Led by Skyler) All proceeds to support Sweaty Saturday/PHA Book here

The Fhitting Room

www.fhittingroom.com The Fhitting Room is a High Intensity Training (HIT) boutique fitness studio delivering a comprehensive, body-changing workout in a small class environment that brings together the best elements of group fitness and the best elements of a personal training session. You will get all the energy, motivation and community of an awesome group exercise class as well as the personal attention and education of a great personal training session. As a special thank you to all our FHIXers attending any of our classes throughout the day on Sweaty Saturday (March 21st), we will offer 10% off new purchases of class 5-packs as well as 10% off all FHIT gear!  (Promotion only valid on 3/21) https://sweatysaturday.com/studio-offerings/
Sweaty Saturday Schedule
3 pm - Sweaty Saturday Signature FHIX - UES studio 4 pm - Sweaty Saturday Signature FHIX - Flatiron studio Book here

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